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Thank you for visiting our page. Small Critters rescue have been rescuing Pekingese for 15 years now. We are happy to say we are taking in other dog breeds that are under 25 pounds and Birds. We do not accept cats. Our critters are in homes living as pets until they find a forever home.We take owner surrenders and pull from shelters.

All our pets are fully vetted before being adopted. We appreciate your patience. We will not adopt out our dogs until they are fixed and fully vaccinated. We also require an adoption application to be filled out. Adoption applications take 1 business day for us to process. Please be aware we can't always adopt out the dog you might want. We do our best to match the dog with the owners family and lifestyle. So please we ask that you be truly honest with us because we do take in alot of behavior issue dogs from puppy mills and some refuse to tolerate children. This does not mean that we don't adopt out to families with children.

Our adoption fees vary upon the animals vet costs.  We do not accept checks.

For our feathered friends Although this is something new we are doing. I will say to anyone thinking of surrendering their bird. I was raised in a home with Pekingese and parrots. I grew up with an amazon parrot,  quacker parrot and alot of parakeets. As an adult I have had parakeets, cocketiels and a lorikeet.

We do our best at providing animals into loving homes. For owner surrenders please make sure you provide us with as much information as possible for the safety of your pet and the home they might go to it is important we know as much as you do about your pet. We like to make sure the animal is safe for the home they are going to. Although we do alot of rehabilitating due to dogs coming to us from Puppy mills they are with us in rescue sometimes 6-12 months depending on their progress. Owner surrenders are easier to adopt out unless they are being turned over due to behavior issues but we need to be aware of the issues.